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About acupuncture

Originating from China, acupuncture has served people for thousands of years. It uses thread-like needles on the acupoints along the meridians which sometimes can not be felt at all. It is effective for pain management and internal organ regulation. By inducing the blood flow to the designated acupoints and meridians, acupuncture can activate our inborn healing power which is natural. It is a holistic approach that benefits the whole body system.

About Cindy the acupuncturist

Cindy is a registered acupuncturist in Australia and has determined to work in natural health industry. Brought up in a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) family, Cindy started to build up TCM knowledge including tongue diagnosis and pulse taking when she was a child. Possessing a Chinese background, Cindy regularly attends online classes conducted by experienced Chinese acupuncturists worldwide. With a reliable and self-disciplined personality, Cindy is dedicated to helping her clients improve their quality of life and ‘live up to their potential’ by providing professional services.

Accreditation and qualification

Oriental Acupuncture is located at Flagstaff Hill in South Australia. The acupuncturist Cindy (Si Wu) is passionate about providing traditional Chinese medicine services to the community to improve their quality of life. Cindy completed her acupuncture course at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Adelaide and got her qualification for Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) during 2016-2020. Cindy is registered with AHPRA and is an association member of AACMA. Born in China, Cindy reads valuable ancient Chinese medicine books written by famous Chinese medicine doctors. Cindy is also active in attending online courses with peer practitioners worldwide and keeps up-to-date with the knowledge and most advanced needling techniques. Cindy has the ability to communicate in English, Chinese mandarin, Japanese and Shanghai dialect. In her spare time, Cindy enjoys observing the plants in the garden and walking along the seaside.