Moxibustion (moxa) treatment started from Chinese medicine. It is a therapeutic approach that involves the burning of moxa floss or moxa sticks made of mugwort leaves.

The therapeutic purpose is to warm up the meridians, stimulate the flow of blood or chi (energy) to the designated acupoints or areas to achieve good health. This approach is usually combined with acupuncture to get synergy effects for promoting the healing process.

There are different types of moxibustion such as direct moxibustion, indirect moxibustion and needle moxibustion. Basically, moxa products are burnt on (direct) or above (indirect) the skin surface to transfer the heat into the body.‌

Another way of using it is needle moxa. This means moxa is put on the acupuncture needle and gets ignited. The moxa will burn on the needle until it finishes. This way the heat is transmitted to the acupuncture point through the needle.‌

According to Chinese medicine, a boost of chi and blood circulation within the body by moxa can help with dealing with a broad range of issues, including digestive problems, urinary issues, menstrual disorders and chronic pain.