Acupuncture for muscle tightness and joint pain

Acupuncture for Muscle Tightness & Joint Pain

Acupuncture for muscle tightness and joint pain

Having neck, shoulders and back pain? Suffering from tennis elbow, golf elbow or carpal tunnel syndrome? Enduring hip pain, knee pain or even plantar fasciitis? Don’t worry, acupuncture can help.

As a matter of fact, most of the types of pain are caused by soft tissue tightness (fasciae, muscles, tendons and ligaments), joints are just the sufferer due to the changes of muscle tone.

The causes for pain can involve trauma, operation and repetitive movements etc. Due to overuse or ‘wear and tear’, tightness and pain ensues.

Cindy at Oriental Acupuncture is dedicated to getting rid of your pain as quickly as possible. You will notice the improvement after the initial treatment, such as decreased pain scale and increased ROM (Range of Motion). This treatment approach is effective for both soft tissue pain and arthritis. It is fast and natural.

If you are after a fast relief of some soft tissue related pain, you can always contact Cindy at Oriental Acupuncture for bookings or for any enquiries.